Welcome to New England Business Sales.

With over twenty five years business sales experience, we are experts in the sale of privately held businesses. Our team at New England Business Sales will guide you through every step of the sale process in a confidential and professional manner. We will only present you with qualified buyers who are actively seeking to acquire businesses in your industry and price point. By coordinating with your legal and accounting advisers during the intricate structure negotiations, we will minimize tax consequences while enhancing the net proceeds to you from the sale. Our ultimate goal is to transfer your business to new owners for the best possible price and terms.

We are a New England based firm and have a wealth of experience within the area lending community.  New England Business Sales has the ability to assist buyers with financing, which helps to minimize any necessary seller financing. We work with businesses of sizes from $500,000 to $20,000,000 in annual revenues.  We understand firsthand the issues that small business owners deal with on a day to day basis. We have owned and operated our own small businesses.

If you are beginning to think about exiting your business, we are here to help you. The sale of a business has an impact on its owners that is not only financial but emotional as well.   New England Business Sales is dedicated to ensuring this entire process is smooth and stress free.  If you are thinking about selling your business, you owe it to yourself to work with a successful firm that understands the New England market.

Absolutely NO Risk

We work on a 100% straight contingent fee. We are confident in our ability to successfully sell your business.  We do not rely on retainers or any upfront fees. New England Business Sales will sell your business at a price and terms that you find acceptable or there is no cost to you.

Are you considering selling your business?

If you are beginning to think about exiting your business, we will help you.  We designed a system over many years that will put your business in its best light.  Our ultimate goal is to find the right buyer and to structure a deal that maximizes your earnings.  We do this while protecting the integrity of your business and employees long term.  All our efforts are performed in a highly confidential manner and in a timely fashion so that you can move on to the next phase of your life.

We have pre-qualified buyers

Over several years, New England Business Sales has cultivated a database of qualified buyers and investment groups who are actively seeking profitable New England based companies.  These buyers have executed non disclosure agreements and are matched to our client businesses based on their financial and technical abilities.  We will not waste your time or expose your business to anyone we do not believe has the ability to successfully acquire it in a timely manner.

Business Valuation

The first and most critical step in selling your business is a professional valuation.  Nothing can deter a successful sale more than a mispriced business.  Our valuations are based on recast cash flow, asset value and an analysis of the company’s customer base and industry relevance.  We know that your company value will be scrutinized by the buyers professional advisers.  Our valuations will stand up to any outside analysis and we will argue for the highest amount that conditions allow.  Our valuations are prepared at no upfront cost to you.  We recoup our cost in our straight contingent fee when we have successfully sold your business.

Please contact New England Business Sales today for more information and to schedule your Free Consultation (800) 872-8669 or sales@newenglandbusinesssales.com


Welcome to New England Business Sales